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Keeping in Touch with Elderly Loved Ones When You Live in Separate States

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While you may wish that you lived closer to your senior loved one, there are ways that Sydney East elderly care professionals recommend for you both to stay connected. It requires some creativity on your part, but the rewards are very worthwhile. Here are a few ideas to get you started. 

Host a Conference Party

If everyone cannot be present for an important holiday or other event, then consider hosting a conference party. Set up a time for everyone to call a particular number. Then, spend some time visiting with each other. Parties usually work best if one person serves as the moderator.

Log onto Facebook

Help your senior create a Facebook account. Then, invite him or her to a special family group. This gives your loved one a space to share what is going on in his or her life. Making the group private allows everyone to share photos securely. This helps people with many different schedules keep up with what is going on easily.

Write Letters

You probably already know the joy that comes when you open the mailbox to find a personal letter. Sydney East caregivers believe these letters can be very important to seniors. You can even create chain letters where everyone shares what is going on in their lives and then sends it on to the next person.

Share Blogs

You do not need many computer skills to create a blog that everyone will enjoy. There are many free sites that let you create a personal blog. Share the link with all family members and watch everyone’s activities. Each family member could even be assigned a day of the week to write about what is happening in their family.

Keep Journals

Keeping a journal is a great way to keep up with a senior’s activities. You can even create a notebook with different dividers for different things. For example, one area could be set aside for the senior to write anything while another could be set aside for doctor’s notes. Many seniors find it useful to have one area set aside for important bills and receipts.

Keeping up with a senior who lives far away can be difficult. If you need someone to look after your loved one, contact Home Care Assistance at (02) 9158 3880. We provide premier live-in and hourly in-home care Sydney East seniors need to age in place with help from a friendly and compassionate caregiver. Call today to set up a complimentary in-home consultation.

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