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Useful Distraction Techniques for Dementia Caregivers

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Distractions can be used by dementia caregivers in Sydney East West to refocus the attention of seniors with dementia. After trying to find out why the senior may be acting in a negative way, distractions can be used to promote positive behavior. Below are a handful of the most effective distraction techniques used by dementia caregivers.

Start a New Activity

One distraction technique that works for many Sydney East Alzheimer’s and dementia caregivers is to simply ignore the negative behavior by starting a different activity. This method works because the senior will forget what they were doing choosing to get involved in the new activity instead. Creative caregivers can often employ the use of books, movies or exercise to redirect their loved one’s attention to a more uplifting activity.

Play Some Music

There are many ways that music can be used as a distraction. If you need the senior to do something, then tell him or her by singing a silly song. Singing the seniors favorite song may lighten everyone’s mood. Create a playlist on your computer or mobile device if you cannot carry a note, although singing it totally off-tune and loudly often helps to change the senior’s mood.

Request Help

Even if the caregiver is able to complete a task all by themselves, asking the senior for help often works as a distraction. After all, we all need to feel needed. Some simple but distracting tasks include folding laundry, picking up around the house and even doing dishes.

Make a Joke

Humor often works as a great distraction for seniors with dementia. Make sure that the humor is suitable for the intellectual level of the senior. Since negative behavior can elicit strong emotions in the caregiver, writing out a list ahead of time may be helpful. Funny family stories often work great, too.

Seniors with dementia often respond very well when they are distracted. To learn more distraction techniques or for help caring for your loved one, turn to Home Care Assistance. We provide comprehensive Alzheimer’s and dementia elderly care Sydney East, NSW, seniors need to boost mental wellbeing and stave off dementia symptoms. Call (02) 9158 3880 or go online to learn more about our memory care and schedule a free consultation.

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