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Home Care Assistance Sydney City and East Staff

Samantha Cochineas - Owner

Samantha Cochineas – Owner

Samantha was extremely close to her Grandparents, who were like parents to her. When she needed a similar service to Home Care Assistance for her aging Grandparents, one with early signs of Dementia and the other a stroke victim, Samantha saw first hand the value the in-home carers provide. She witnessed her Grandparents independence and happiness return with simple additions from the daily care they now received. And when the sad time came for the Palliative Care Service, her Grandparents were able to stay in the comfort of their own home, being able to see their garden and surrounded by photos of loved ones and neighbors and friends able to pop by at anytime was above what she could have ever wanted for them. Being able to spend the night with them in their own home in those final weeks meant she could spend adequate time with in their home, which sadly is not possible in an aged care facility or hospital.

Samantha started her career in Marketing and Public Relations and has worked for many top Australian and British companies managing cross-continent teams. Prior to starting Home Care Assistance Sydney City and East, Samantha worked for SHL Psychometric Company, working with leading psychologists and scientists for this field.

Now Mother to 2 boys and a girl, Samantha values family above all else. It’s these values and experiences that have led to Samantha being so passionate about caring for our aging community.

Jeremy Cochineas - Owner

Jeremy Cochineas – Owner

Jeremy Cochineas was born and raised in Sydney and lives with his wife Samantha and their 3 young children in Maroubra.

His passion for helping others started at a young age when he accompanied his mother to her work at Sydney’s Children’s Hospital and saw the way staff helped people in need and the joy Captain Starlight brought to children.

Since then, Jeremy gained experience in the hospitality industry where he could combine his strong organisational sense with the need to serve the community. Studying Economics at Sydney University and running various businesses has further developed strong managerial skills to ensure the excellent delivery of services for Home Care Assistance Sydney City and East community.

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